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Etminan system has been operating since date 2006. Over the past 10 years, its main business has been the sale of all accessories and parts of computers and industrial communication equipment to Customers throughout the country. The continuous and accelerating advances in digital technologies have led to the growing need for computer products in different sectors and the need for interconnection between different devices, dramatic development and diversification of different commodity markets. In the meantime, providing distinctive and customer-oriented service has been an integral part of the assurance complex over the years. Due to the frequent requests of our esteemed compatriots and audiences for the ability to communicate more effectively with the collection, with the aim of providing quality and affordable products to our esteemed customers, the collection has launched and launched its own online store.

In this regard, over a decade of experience and working with organizations, government agencies, institutes, manufacturing plants and commercial companies, we have always strived to provide the right product that suits your needs with the commitment to deliver the right performance. Our experience pool with experienced and experienced staff will ensure that you deliver the right products and services.


Dr. Ehsan Moradi

Founder and Director Etminan System

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Sajad Zendebodi

Commercial Manager

Hamed Masoudi

Director of the Canadian Office

Maryam Masoudi Rad


Emad Mohamadi

Sales Manager

Hamed Moradi

Packaging employee

Hamid Sabaghi

Content Production Employee

Amir Hosein Ghorbani

Secretarial staff

Ali Shekarchian

Administrative Officer

Ali Masoudi Rad

Web Designer

Soheil Naderi

Web Developer

Ehsan Enanlo

Web Designer